Jupiter System – Overhead Braced Floor Mounted

  • A popular and widely used system, suitable for buildings of many aesthetics, old or new. The overhead headrail bracing makes for more rigid and secure installation.

Venus System – Floor Mounted / Floor to Ceiling Mounted

  • Ideal for restrooms that have high ceiling space. The flush top modern appearance with simplified construction allows for easy installation.
  • The uniform overall height of the pilaster and door creates a pleasing visual appearance. It is also adaptable to any building styles or interior requirements.

Uranus System – Ceiling Mounted

  • Our Uranus Series offers unobstructed floor space for easy housekeeping and maintenance. However, structural steel support in the ceiling is required.
  • This system is best for ceilings with height 2440mm or less, and is not recommended above that height.

Comet System – Integrated Door System

  • The Comet integrated door system is designed to be durable and lasting compared to wooden flush door system. It is suitable for existing toilets that have brick walls as an interval.