Surface Protection

Wal Guard Surface Protection System, a Comprehensive Range Of Surface Protection Products That Safeguard and Minimise Damage to vulnerable parts of buildings and lessen the need for constant maintenance.

Our Entire Wal Guard Product Range Comes With Anti-Bacterial properties, Is Scratch Resistance, Stain Resistance and Has Class Of Fire Rating as Per ASTM E84-17

Our Wal Guard surface protection system is comprised of the following product programs:


The Wal Guard handrail system is developed to assist building users when ambulating along corridors and ascending or descending stairs.

It is also suitable for helping physically handicapped people to move within buildings.

Bumper Guard

The Wal Guard bumper system protects walls that are susceptible to impact traffic, preventing unsightly scuffs and costly damage.

The system is designed to withstand impact and provides a cushioned surface with its integrated rubberised absorber, making it ideal for areas like high traffic corridors, loading bays and light cargo lift.

Corner Guard

The Wal Guard corner system is designed to be the solution for scuffed and damaged wall corners and columns.

Corner Guards are replaceable, stract-resistant and absorbs impact, providing an effective shield against damage and costly repairs.